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Kyle is an accomplished author, poet, screenwriter, who is driven by an incredible passion for artistic self-expression.

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Kyle Ripton is an accomplished artist driven by an incredible passion for self-expression, his unique blend of writing to create unforgettable characters. Born in Waterloo, New York, and raised in Marana/Tucson, Arizona, Kyle spent his early years creating short stories, building tree forts, and drawing for family and friends. He vividly remembers watching Hogan's Heroes, Star Trek, and Gilligan's Island, while playing with his little green army men, dreaming of the day he grows up to become a soldier himself.   Kyle signed up for the delayed entry program of the United States Army a year before he graduated from high school and left Arizona in 1986 to attend Army Basic Training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. He then moved to Fort Sam Houston, Texas, to train as a Combat Medic and then moved onto Fort McClellan, Alabama, to train as a Military Policeman. From there, he deployed and was stationed overseas in Mannheim, Germany, during the COLD WAR.   Kyle's love of writing and singing was uncontrollably leading him to his passion for the big screen. Reading every screenplay he could find, Kyle learned to write manuscripts, which he later published. When he wasn't writing, he listened to different bands practicing in the sound rooms of Germany's studios until his audition with the band "Alert," landing the lead singer's position, working small gigs to save up enough money, and pursue his love of writing. Studying people, listening to their stories, and write about them, singing for the band, all while proudly serving his country, "I became a student of life," he recalls.   Two years later, Kyle married, left the band, but was soon deployed to Desert Storm (GULF WAR), essentially ending his marriage. Attending college, entering Desert Shield, Kyle remarried and deployed to Darmstadt, Germany, where his unit forward deployed to Bosnia Herzegovina. Continuing his writing of short stories and screenplays, he auditioned for any productions that would see him but did not land any significant roles to take his career to the big screen and attended college overseas.   Kyle was then re-deployed back to the United States, where he became stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. Kyle's career in the Army began to consume him as he rose high in the ranks, commanding his presence as a leader of troops and his units need for him to deploy more frequently to Bosnia, Kosovo, Korea (DMZ), and then to Iraq, where he was injured. After his retirement in 2005, Kyle wrote and published the novel's (2006) "Diaries of a Soldier, nightmares from within" and (2009) "Tunnels, what we did as kids."   It was in 2010 when Kyle divorced his second wife, slipped into a deep depression, and became homeless. "Living life on the streets was difficult, but it was my writing that brought me back from certain death," Kyle adds.   In 2011, Kyle wrote and published the novel and script for the feature film; he would go on to direct, produce, and have a cameo in called, "Desperate Situation, Broken of Distinguished Insanity (2012)."   In 2012, Kyle remarried and began work on a new children's book series called "TREES," and would go on to write and publish the children's books "The Mourning Tree (2011), Amber's Pear (2012), Apple Seeds (TBD), Blossom Beautifully (TBD), Dogwood (TBD), and then the novel The Coin Collector (2016)."   Fast-forward to 2016, Kyle's latest work is the novel and script for his next movie, "The Coin Collector." The Coin Collector is a story about a wealthy Italian family and a serial killer tangled in a harrowing world of hidden secrets, deception, lawlessness, gold, diamonds, and more, under the cloak of mother earth.   Kyle has received numerous awards for his imaginative storytelling and insightful nonfiction work. We invite you to pull up a comfortable chair and explore Kyle's work. Kyle focused on his newest work, in a series of children's self-help books he hopes will grace the libraries and classrooms of schoolhouses around the world. Publishing his first in this series is "The Mourning Tree." A subtle and simple way for children to understand the loss of a loved one, followed by "Amber's Pear," teaching that not everything that glitters is gold, others are to follow soon for your enjoyment. Kyle is working to reach out to the deaf and blind readers, providing his work in a variety of formats that help those with disabilities to expand their creativity through reading and writing.   So, we welcome you to come in and enjoy the work of Kyle Ripton.



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 Kyle was the International Poetry Societies Ambassador for the years 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009.  

  • Some of his fans write – “Kyle’s love of writing and acting is infectious,” said one fan at a recent film shoot, “Once you see him work, you want to find everything that he has appeared in or written.”
    • Leslie Patterson, Sacramento, California
  • “This writer has the ability to captivate you and draw you into his work.  Amazing work.  You have to see it for yourself.  I couldn’t put the book down.”
    • Sandy Wilfred, New York
  • “This writer took me back to my childhood in a good way.  I laughed so hard while reading Tunnels, what we did as kids; I nearly wet my pants from laughing so hard.”
    • A. G. Smith, Producer
  • “Definitely took me back and worth reading.”
    • Shelby Mullins, South Carolina
  • “Can’t wait to see the rest of your work that is coming. Your work made me think back to just how simple life can be if we only stop to smell the roses every now and then.”
    • Cheryl Cordaro, Arizona 




Janice R. from New York asked, what was the meaning behind the statement Desperate Situation on the front of the novel?
"Janice - that's a great question. While writing the novel, I was going through a very intense and hurtful divorce that took me into another world outside of PTSD. The term stated (Broken of Distinguished Insanity) was a challenging part of the divorce, where I became homeless, then hospitalized for several TIA's - known as Transient ischemic attack (TIA), which ultimately lead to my actual stroke, and then a heart attack. The insanity involved with all thirteen-TIA's has nonetheless changed my life forever. My distinguished career in law enforcement and as a soldier on the rise took a fatal downward spiral. -- Kyle Ripton"

Derek M. from Arizona asked why I named the novel Desperate Situation?
"Derek - great question. At the time, my divorce took an extreme and Desperate turn on my life, ending literally everything I had accomplished and worked so hard to build for my family at the time. The chaos that ensued ended forty-three years of my life in a matter of minutes, all over a cheating wife. Sometimes, we think we know someone, but it was my fault for not knowing that my wife was cheating for nearly sixteen years of what I thought was the perfect marriage. -- Kyle Ripton"

Adam J. from Pennsylvania asked, will there be a sequel to the novel?
"Adam - that is a great question. At the moment, I have no plans to revisit the novel or re-injure my heart over the devastation the divorce has caused me. However, I wish those in my past a blessed life, and I forgive them and myself for any harm I may have caused. I would like to add that once the novel was finished, published, and the files locked, it felt as though a huge burden lifted off my shoulders. -- Kyle Ripton"

Jeron H. of Texas asked what makes you an expert in the field of study you quoted in the novel?
"Jeran - that is an amazing question. I do not nor will I ever call myself an expert in a medical field of study, which is why I cited the medical references from professional people that have the knowledge and training experience to gage my medical conditions and the general public. However, my experience comes with two long term marriages that ultimately turned into divorces. -- Kyle Ripton"

Alexa S. from New Mexico asked where is your life now?
"Alexa - great question and complex. This is something that has taken me on a personal level. At the moment, I am residing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with my new wife, life, and adventure. Although I now live with extreme medical issues that could take my life at any moment, I try to keep as positive as possible by caring, loving, giving, helping any way I can. Basically, I have restarted my life ending at forty-three years and starting over. -- Kyle Ripton"

These are some great questions. Please keep them coming.

The Coin Collector by Kyle Ripton

Additional Information

The Coin Collector: Life After Death Kindle Edition
by Kyle Ripton (Author)
Product details
File Size: 1741 KB
Print Length: 430 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1545315531
Publisher:; 1 edition (April 16, 2017)
Publication Date: April 16, 2017
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English

In the early 1800s, Rubo Mantovani, an immigrant from Italy, decided to settle in what was then called Naco, Arizona. While other immigrants continued to California during the Gold Rush, Rubo stayed the course and saved up enough money to eventually buy up 2,500 acres of land in the desert. Little did he know, while mining on his property, he would dig up a motherload of wealth that required complete secrecy.

During a massive buildup of Mexican cartels along the Mexican/American borders of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Bloody battles over shipments of guns, drugs, and money across international borders causing hostilities. This problem spilled over and onto Rubo Mantovani's property.

Caught in the middle of these wars were sometimes families of Day-Crossers, trying to seek refuge in the United States at a high cost. Subject to the rule of Cartels, Day-crossers are forced to carry the guns, drugs, and money back and forth across these borders in exchange for safe and free passage into the wonderland of hope.

Families are often subject to beatings, torture, rape, and even death, should anyone of them refuse to do the Cartel's bidding.

Hundreds of tunnels are built to maximize the bulk needed to feed the ever-growing American appetite for drugs.

Day-crosser's who were wealthy enough could buy their way through the Cartel run tunnels, saving themselves the long walk through treacherous terrain, blistering heat, hunger, thirst, and even death.

Rumors spread by those captured and lucky enough to be returned to Mexico, that entire family members came missing the moment they crossed the border.

Some said; whole families were mutilated by a giant desert animal, sparking one of the most bizarre and unsolved cases of missing people in history.

Those who did come up missing became the artwork of an elusive serial killer who liked to display his work for all to see and to honor their killer by letting him forge a gold coin of death at a high cost.

Follow this epic horror story that will have you wondering if you're going to be The Coin Collector's next victim?



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